next #Greenhouse gathering: 18 Sep, 12-2pm with Dr Charles Neame exploring Values in Education #flexcpd

Dear colleague,

Our next Greenhouse gathering is on the 18th of September at 12-2pm in the brand new Birley Building. We will meet near reception and use the general open plan areas.

Dr Charles Neame is our creative gardener and together we will explore Values in education.

Values in education can be a tricky subject: from governments telling us what our values should be ( Gove wants ‘British values’ on school curriculums”), to cautious warnings that a tolerant education should be “value-free”, there seems to be a multitude of opinions about what values are and what our relationship with them should be.

In 1986 Harding et al said that “ ‘Values’ is a portmanteau term”.  It variously seems to mean attitudes, opinions, beliefs, behaviours, for instance.  Some authors have pointed out a confusion between the idea of values and that of virtues. 

Our challenge for this Greenhouse session is to think about what we mean by values, and what their place should be in a university curriculum.

We hope you can join us. All welcome. To find out more about the Greenhouse, please click here

Dr Charles Neame and the Greenhouse gardeners


Harding, S., Phillips, D., & Fogarty, M. 1986. Contrasting values in Western Europe. MacMillan

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