2nd World Symposium on Sustainability at Universities WSSD-U-2014 at MMU

Last week the 2nd World Symposium on Sustainability at Universities, led by Prof. Walter Leal took place in Manchester Metropolitan University. Over 200 delegates from 31 countries gathered in the Business School to discuss and share good practice and research around sustainability in higher Education. A range of activities including self-guided tours to Birley Fields Campus organised by the Environment Team made the Symposium a unique event. A highlight of the Symposium was the wide range of presentations on curriculum development issues in relationship to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This may suggest an increased focus in this area at a local and global level. Although, environmental and social sustainability are at the heart of operations at Universities, teaching and learning must be part of this main priority in the sector.

Welcome banners at the Business School

The WSSU 2014 led to several opportunities and initiatives in MMU and beyond including:

– 180 papers accepted in the context of WSSD-U-2014 will go in three books of the “World Sustainability Series” with Springer, as well as in two special issues of indexed journals.
The first volumes are now on-line: http://www.springer.com/environment/sustainable+development?SGWID=0-158902-12-970122-0

Sustainability at MMU (presentation)

-A new book series with Greenleaf, which will be called “The (subject) Students Guide to Sustainable Development”. The first one, produced by Petra Moltan-Hill (Nottingham Trent), focuses on business students. The next one will focus on engineering students (i.e. The Engineering Students´ Guide to Sustainable Development”). We shall, with this new idea and series, cover a wide spectrum of subjects, and show how sustainability can be handled at subject level, in a way students may find interesting and useful.

-A training course on “Integrating Sustainability at University Structures, Operations and
Research”, that is in design process, and will be offered as a commercial, executive training. The pilot training will be offered in April/May 2015.

Sensory Garden information at Birley Fields

– Helena Tinker, Environment and Energy Manager at MMU, has been invited to advise in December the Hochschule Zittau-Görlitz, which is now revamping its environmental management system.

– Finally, the new “Inter-university Sustainable Development Research Programme” was launched on Friday 5th September in the gala dinner at MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). Julie Newman, sustainability coordinator at MIT, would be potentially part of the Programme as well as many other colleagues from MMU.

For more information on ESD related activity at MMU please contact Valeria Vargas ESD Co-ordinator v.vargas@mmu.ac.uk

Presentation on Interdisciplinary Centers

For more information about the Symposium please visit the following links:



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