next #Greenhouse gathering is on the 6th of October, 12-2pm, Join us! #flexcpd

Dear colleagues,

It is almost time for our next Greenhouse gathering!

We will meet again on the 6th of October between 12-2pm in the All Saints Building, Room 105 (If there is any change, we will communicate this as soon as possible).

Together, we will explore the concept of play and creativity in the context of higher education using LEGO bricks. How can we   creative stimulating learning opportunities for our students?

Never used LEGO in this context before and are curios to find out more?

The Greenhouse is a cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary initiative that brings creative practitioners together to share experiences and ideas, connect and collaborate. For further information about the Greenhouse initiative, please click here. It would be lovely if you would join us!

Engagement in the Greenhouse also counts towards FLEX.

See you soon,

Chrissi and all creative Greenhouse gardeners

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