TeachMeets: An Article by Liz Bennett

Interesting reflections linked to Teachmeets by Ellie Livermore

E-Portfolio for Eleanor Hannan

group conversation_elTeachMeet’s are a form of ‘Guerrilla CPD’. They consist of an informal meeting of teachers from all different subject areas who meet to share snippets of their practice in either 2 minutes (nano) or 7 minute (micro) presentations. They are “radical in that their intention is to provide teachers with a forum for sharing their practices outside of the classroom without the structures of normal staff development” (Bennett, 2012). Associated with NoTosh founder Ewan McIntosh, they started off in schools and are now growing in popularity in FE and HE (two TeachMeets took place in Manchester earlier this year with Primary Schools).

In her article, Liz Bennett discusses what she terms ‘accusations of  ‘technocentricity” in TeachMeets, the phenomenon of technology-related techniques or presentations dominating a meeting. In the context of a TeachMeet, it would be viewed as a failure if technology took presidence over the particapants, however to exclude technology or…

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