Celebrating together International Open Access Week 2014 #oapic14

Dear colleagues,

The International Open Access Week is here and we would like to celebrate this exciting event and invite you to contribute!

How about giving something back to the wider community, by sharing a little creation? This could be in the form of an Open Education Resource, be it an activity, a drawing, a photo or whatever else takes your fancy; simply create your resource and then deposit it in JORUM for others to use. You could even submit an article or a paper to an Open Access journal (here’s a list of them), or go to a dedicated event. Whatever you decide to do, remember, every little helps to spread ideas and knowledge so that we can all learn and grow.  The most important thing is to make a start this week!

Don’t go just yet though. We would like to stay in touch with you during the week and have come up with an idea.

How about participating in the… Say it with a Picture activity

We invite you during the week to visualise what Open Access means to you in your personal and/or professional lives, and to share an image (photo/drawing/model) with us via Twitter by adding the hashtag #oapic14. Here’s our entry:


Open-up your practice and release the magic photo: Ellie Livermore

These pictures will be curated throughout the week, and displayed here, using Storify. We really look forward to your contributions, and an open week of fun and learning together!

Chrissi Nerantzi and Sam Illingworth

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