next Greenhouse gathering 21 November with Eleanor Livermore

making mistakes for learning

In this months Greenhouse, we will be looking at mistakes, what their place in learning and teaching is and how to overcome fear of them. It will be led by Eleanor Livermore, previously a student at Manchester School of Art and currently the Multimedia Resource Developer for CELT.

Taking inspiration from Social Maker Kate Dunstone and creative art practices, you will involve yourselves in a set of creative challenges (drawing, writing, sewing, collaborating) in order to overcome fear of mistakes.

Professor John Seely Brown (2013, 16) notes that architectural design studios offer several lessons in openness in learning. “It is also an environment where there is permission to fail and retry, so one does not have to feel bad about failing in front of other people” (ibid).

Modelling this design studio approach, MIT borrowed an idea from North
Carolina State University called SCALE-UP,changing the delivery method of their teaching completely. “However, after about 2 months, they had to stop the class because it could not work.” (ibid) Why? “It required a new set of teaching practices that the professors had little understanding about”.

So, if you are interested in taking part in what promises to be a fun and creative exploration of making mistakes for learning, come along to this Greenhouse meeting on Friday 21st November, 12-2pm in Innospace (behind John Dalton).


Seely-Brown, J. (2013) Learning in and for the 21st century. Public Lecture and Answer Session, in: CJ Koh Professorial Lecture Series No.4, Singapore: Office of Education Research, NIE/NTU, available at

Kate Dunstone, Social Maker

More information about the Greenhouse can be found here

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