Christmas #Greenhouse Picnic, 12-2pm, Student Resource Centre, Birley Building

The Greenhouse has been in existence for a year, so it’s time to celebrate, reflect on the year we’ve had, and look forward to the year ahead. And what better way to celebrate than with food? Everyone is encouraged to bring something to share so that we can have a proper picnic (I hear rumours that Haleh is already working on the plans for a massive cake…).

We will meet up on the 17th of December between 12-2pm in the Student Resource Centre on the first floor of the Birley Building. Here we can take a look at the different learning spaces that are provided to students (and indeed throughout the rest of the building).

memories from our summer picnic, image source:

The Greenhouse is a cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary initiative that brings creative practitioners together to share experiences and ideas, connect and collaborate around learning and teaching. For further information about the Greenhouse initiative, please click here.

It would be lovely if you would join us to celebrate together! 

See you there!

Hayley Atkinson
ps: 1 year, 12 months, many creative ideas shared, new collaborations and 247 photos so far! Explore here.

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