Next CELT-TIPL Event – “Using data to develop institutional policy”

Dear all,

The next HE seminar in the joint CELT-TIPL (Technology, Innovation and Play for Learning research group) series is scheduled as follows:

Thursday 29th January, at the later than usual time of 16.00.

Our speaker is Dr. Rachel Forsyth of CELT and her topic is “Using data to develop institutional policy”. Rachel summarises as follows:

As part of a large JISC-supported institutional project on assessment and feedback, two different types of institutional data were analysed to identify potential changes to assessment procedures and practice. Comments from institutional student survey data were analysed to identify 10,000 comments relating to assessment. Coding of these comments enabled the project team to identify a series of areas for change which were common across the institution, rather than just using the survey data for course-level changes, which had happened in the past.  This led to the production of new institutional assessment procedures designed to improve the student experience. Institutional records about assignment types, which had been produced simply to support course validation, were then analysed to discover the ten most common types of assignment in use across the institution. Detailed guidance on implementing the new procedures was then developed for these ten assignment types, which accounted for two-thirds of the total number of assignments being taken by students. The combination of data from different parts of the institution has enabled change to be made and supported in a way novel to the university. The data and linked guidance will be presented during the session.

The venue is the Research Space in the Shed, John Dalton West.

I hope you can join us next on the 29th.

Best wishes, Charles

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