3rd World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day

Dear Colleagues ,
The preparations for the 3rd World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day, to be held on 25th March 2015, are now completed.

Over 100 power point presentations from sustainability experts from across the world, presented at WSSD-U-2014: http://www.haw-hamburg.de/en/wssd-2014.html
are now on-line at: http://world-sustainability-day.net/presentations.html. These can be visited and used as a basis for lectures, to be held as part of the Teach-In Day on 26th March. In this context, a student group in Australia can discuss sustainability at Mexican universities, or a group of US students can debate about sustainability initiatives in Malaysia, using the presentations provided. They may also contact the named experts, who authored the presentations, to ask questions or seek further details. A big thank you goes to all the experts, for sharing their experiences and their know with a world audience.

The 3rd World Sustainable Development Teach-In Day will unite the global sustainability community, and thousands of people can take part on it. As a truly global event, the Teach-In Day will cater for all time zones.

Participation is open to anyone interested, and is free of any charges.
However, in order to allow us to monitor the level of participation and impact of the event, we do require interested persons to register at:

The 25th March 2015 will be a very special day. A day devoted to sustainability. We look forward to your participation.

Walter Leal

Post contributed by Prof. Walter Leal

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