#LTHEchat No 15 “Digital Devices for Learning” with Dr Magdalena Bober @magdalenabober


Dear colleagues,

Dr Magdalena Bober

Dr Magdalena Bober, Lecturer in Communications Media at Manchester Metropolitan University will be with us for the next #LTHEchat to discuss using digital devices for learning.

Magda is currently carrying out a research project on the use of mobile devices and other innovative uses of technology in learning and teaching in HE funded by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). The project will provide a snapshot of related practices in humanities, social science and language teaching, using her own faculty at MMU as a case study. Magda is interested in how our everyday uses of mobile devices and other ICTs relate to how we use them in an educational context.

Alongside Magda, Chrissi from the LTHEchat team will be facilitating the chat.

The Storify will be available here:

If you are reflecting on this specific #LTHEchatĀ pleaseā€¦

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