Integrating strategic goals in the 21st century curriculum’ – creating a new resource

To help HE academic staff work with the ideas of Internationalising the Curriculum, the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) published a framework in 2014. As some have said, this is an ‘elusive concept’ that can be difficult to make concrete. At MMU we have been fortunate to secure a small funding grant from the HEA to help to build a repository of examples of good practice in internationalising the curriculum and in integrating other strategic priorities (such as Education for Sustainable Development and Employability ). The MMU team, led by Pro-Vice Chancellor for Students Penny Renwick and including staff from CELT (Alicia Prowse), Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care (Neil Carey), Science and Engineering, (Konstantin Tzoulas) and MMU Cheshire (Jason Woolley) are aiming to find at least 8 examples within MMU to begin this, and to invite contributions from other HEIs to further populate this resource.

We would love to hear from any member of staff, or any student, who feels that they may have an example of how their curriculum (in its widest sense, anything from a session, an assessment, a unit, an entire programme or a range of extra-curricular activities) is internationalised. Sometimes this can be quite obvious, but in other cases this could be more subtle.
Examples might include:

• a group of students in Manchester work with a group of students in Uganda by Skype to discuss educational values;
• student discussions of how perceptions of sporting prowess differ depending on the cultural context;
• unit re-design following staff reflection on how students from different cultural backgrounds perceive their courses.

Please do get in contact with any team members or for general queries contact Alicia Prowse

Post contributed by Alicia Prowse, Principal Lecturer in CELT.

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