Reciprocal Journeys: a documentary for staff and students in HE and FE

This project, funded by a small grant from the QAA, is intended to make a short investigation of the learning and teaching practices, environments and everyday lives of students and staff in the ‘College’ (Sixth form/FE) setting.

The project views student transition through a positive lens, by creating a space for staff and students to better understand their experience of the learning and teaching that they encounter in the two environments (College and University). A film of this exchange will be created as a tool for staff development.
We hope to address the concern that ‘Induction into HE’ can be so focused on the HE context, that it largely ignores students’ prior experiences of learning.
We have a number of academic staff in faculties at MMU who have expressed an interest in this kind of exploration and there are two colleges who will participate on the basis of our current contacts with them and a past history of students coming to MMU. We have already begun our exploration with one of these, Xaverian College in Rusholme, and a visit of MMU staff to Xaverian will take place on 29th April.
Participants will also take part interviews (one before and one after the visits have taken place) with a researcher.

By providing a focused opportunity for professional reflection on your experience as a teacher in one or other of these settings, we hope this will enable an ongoing dialogue that includes students previous educational experience in the design of university teaching.

Post contributed by Alicia Prowse, Principal Lecturer in CELT.

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