Internationalising the Curriculum? Global Citizenship? Education for Sustainable Development?

alicia-global citizens

During the Global Citizens project in 2013, we asked staff and students about how global citizenship was embedded into theircurricula. We found that there were many examples but that staff did not always recognise these as such. For example, in some health programmes, staff felt that they teach many of the aspects that might be thought of as being about global citizenship but thatthese were often couched in terms of access to education or access to healthcare in the UK.

One of the outcomes of the project is a staff development unit, Global Citizens Global Learners, which aims to surface and develop curricular examples, and to discuss our own identities and experience around the concepts of global citizenship,internationalising the curriculum, ESD and other related concepts
and their appearance and emphasis in our own academic disciplines.

The first session is on 5th May, and staff are welcome to attend any or all of the four sessions in May. More information and to sign up:

CELT also offer a bespoke workshops for staff development around Internationalising the Curriculum. For more information or to contribute an example to the HEA project currently in train, please contact Alicia Prowse

Post contributed by Alicia Prowse, Principal Lecturer in CELT.

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