next #greenhouse 6 May 12-2pm with Dr Jenny Fisher @jennycfisher

Our next Greenhouse will take place on Wednesday 6th May 12-2pm GM 301. Our creative gardener is Dr Jenny Fisher.

Dr Jenny Fisher, image source

In this month’s Greenhouse, we will be looking at animations, and their role in learning and teaching. The session will be led by Dr Jenny Fisher, a Senior Lecturer in Social Care in the Department of Social Care and Social Work.

Jenny and Hayley Atkinson were awarded a CeLT Scholarship for Learning and Teaching in 2014 to pilot the use of animations as a form of assessment. The key aim of our project was to pilot the use of student-designed animated videos as an assessment tool for undergraduate students. In addition, we explored and tested online animation software, and evaluated students’ engagement and staff experiences of using online animation software to create learning materials and assessment products. To access the project blog, please click here.

A sample animation made by students follows

In this session you will get the chance to see some of the animations the students made, find out how to use an animation programme (Go-Animate), and create a fun, short animation. I have used them at birthdays, celebrations and to let a colleague know they will be missed when they left MMU.

So if you would like to join me and get creative, come along to this Greenhouse meeting on Wednesday 6th May, 12 – 2pm in GM 301.

We really look forward to seeing you there.

Please share this invite with others who might also be interested. Thank you. To find out more about the Greenhouse and how to join, please access

We will start putting the Greenhouse programme for 2015/16 together in the next few weeks. If you would like to share your creative bug with others and connect with other creative colleagues from across the university, get in touch!

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