FOS! Exciting new open CPD opportunity for all #flexcpd

FOS stands for flexible, open and social. It is an an openly licensed learning event for educators working in higher education who are interested to learn more about flexible, open and social learning and how these apply to their practice. If this is you, consider registering and participating in this exciting development opportunity!

You will have the opportunity to learn with colleagues from MMU, Sheffield Hallam University and other institutions from within the UK and further afield using an enquiry-based and playful approach that fosters collaborative learning and experimentation. You will be supported by a team of facilitators and share practices, experiences and learn together within the vibrant distributed community.

The topics we will explore together using a playful enquiry-based approach are:

  • Digital literacy and identity
  • Flexible pedagogies
  • Supporting learning
  • Communities and collaboration
  • Open education

These topics will help you reflect on your practice, discuss and debate with colleagues and consider implementing informed changes to enhance your practice.
FOS will be offered over five days, from the 13th to the 17th of July 2015. Social media such as Google +, Twitter and WordPress will be used during FOS. You will be encouraged to capture your learning in a digital portfolio. The majority of organised learning activities will be online and a facilitation team from different institutions will support you. We will use Google hangouts, webinars, as well as  tweetchats and asynchronous discussions to connect, communicate, curate, collaborate and create (5Cs) together as a process of learning. During the week you will also have the opportunity to meet colleagues locally.

If you are from MMU and decide to join FOS, you will be able to work towards FLEX credits (15 or 30) as part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice/Higher Education, the MA in Higher Education as a CPD unit, the FLEX award, or FOS badges. If this sounds relevant to you, please go ahead and register your interest.

You will receive a link to the FOS community space after registration which will help you start making first connections with FOS, its people and find out a bit more about the event before we start.

If you are from MMU and would like to sign up, please register at

We look forward to working together in July!

Chrissi Nerantzi (MMU) and Sue Beckingham (SHU) on behalf of the FOS team

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