Buy Nothing Day, guest lecture/panel discussion

Would you be interested in representing your subject area/discipline in a panel discussion/Q&A on ethical consumption that will take place at MMU on Buy Nothing Day, Friday 27th November 2015 (11am-1pm)?

The panel discussion will follow a guest lecture by Simon Robinson from the Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA –, and is intended to emphasise the relevance of issues related to Buy Nothing Day/ethical consumption to different academic disciplines, and so highlighting to students that ‘sustainability’ is something worth engaging with.

Buy Nothing Day (BND) this year coincides with Black Friday, so I’m hoping this contrast can be used to grab students’ attention, as they’re much more likely to have heard of the latter. Students can get MMU Futures points by signing up beforehand, and get more points by attending the guest lecture/panel discussion event on 27th November, and even more points by publishing their experiences in the Humanity Hallows magazine afterwards. If any students express a particular interest beyond this, ECRA are willing to host a project-based student placement at their Hulme offices and publish a report in their magazine.

The guest lecture/panel discussion takes place on Friday 27th November (11-1, Geoffrey Manton GM337) and I’m hoping that a good range of subject areas from different faculties can be represented. If you have any questions or would like to take part, please get in touch ( as soon as possible as posters etc. will be produced soon and I think students may be more inclined to engage if their own subject is included.

I’m working with the Enviornment Team and the HLSS Student Projects (IDEA) Office to encourage students (from all faculties) to engage with Buy Nothing Day in whatever way they wish – either just doing their best to buy nothing on the day, or hopefully in a more active and reflexive way (reflecting on the day in writing or video), or even something like the things described here –



All the best,


Post contributed by Chris Porter

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