first #Greenhouse in 2016 on the 14th of January #flexcpd @byod4l #byod4l

11221469485_c2fb47fa2f_mHello everybody,

We hope you had a lovely festive break and the New Year started well for you.

You might have seen that the Bring Your Own Devices for Learning (BYOD4L) course is back for 5 days next week and we would like to link up and focus our Greenhouse gathering this month around the themes explored in this open course.

Join us on the 14th of January, 12-2pm

We will be in the Righton building on the first floor at the front of the building among the plants where the sofas are. To get there, when you enter the main reception go up the stairs at the back where you will see MIRIAD.

Kate Soper the Technology-Enhanced Learning Advisor in Hollings kindly agreed to join us! Together, we will discuss how we can use smart devices in for creative learning and teaching. Come along to share your stories, practices and troubleshoot. Remember to bring your devices with you 😉

We really look forward to seeing you next week.

Chrissi @chrissinerantzi and Kate @katessoper on behalf of all the Greenhouse gardeners
ps. Please note this gathering counts towards FLEX.

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