Join #creativeHE during #openeducationwk 7-11 March!!!

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Hello everybody,

We are back!!! And we are very excited!!!

The distributed facilitation team of #creativeHE decided to offer a mini version of #creativeHE during Open Education Week.

oew2016-badge-smallIt is an interesting change for us as we offered the last two times over a much longer period (the last one was offered over 8 weeks). We won’t try to cram everything into 5 days. So, please don’t worry. Our approach will be, less is more 😉 and our focus is on the interactions we can generate and what we can learn through these.

All you need to do is access the Google + community and start participating. No registration is required and everything is wide open. 

If you work at MMU, you will be able to use your #creativeHE work towards FLEX credits as part of the PgCert or the MA in Higher Education. Please note additional work at Level 7 will be required for this.

Warning! A wide open mind is needed as well as generous commitment to get the maximum out of it. If you have sorted this out, please join us at

On Twitter we will be using the hashtag #creativeHE > Feel free to say hello there as well.

We really look forward to learning together soon,

Chrissi Nerantzi (Manchester Metropolitan University), Sandra Sinfield (London Metropolitan University), Sue Watling (University of Hull), Dr Nikos Fachantidis (University of Macedonia) and Prof. Norman Jackson (Creative Academic Lifewide Education)

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