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Dear colleagues,

Playful teaching practices have started spreading at MMU and it is very refreshing.

We would like to collect your stories and make them available in a special issue of Learning and Teaching in Action to spread your playful learning and teaching interventions with further colleagues across our institution and further afield.

Each story should be about 1000 to 1500 words and include visuals to bring your story alive. Please adapt the template to capture your story and submit it by the 1 May using the submission form.

Consider also using your playful story towards 15 or 30 FLEX credits. You will also be invited to share your story in a Play cafe during the Learning and Teaching Festival during June 16.

Please email any questions and/or your contribution to Dr Stephen Powell at

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Chrissi (@chrissinerantzi) and Stephen (@stephenp)


Case study template


Provide a brief overview / context

What did you do and why?

What did your students do?

How did it work for you and your students? How do you know?

What did you learn and what will you do next?

What are your top 10 tips for others who would like to adopt more playful learning approaches in their practice?

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