Festival of Learning and Teaching: Programme Available Now!

Festival L&T Banner_final

CELT is very pleased to share the programme of the Festival of Learning and Teaching for June 2016! There are over 50 events, workshops and talks taking place, so there is something for everyone.

We’ve categorised the events to 6 themes –

It is easy to select events according to which campus you’d like to attend on as well. Simply select Crewe or Manchester to filter the results.

We’ll be offering a prize draw entry to anyone who attends three or more Festival sessions. You can also use attendance at the Festival sessions to form a basis for aFLEX portfolio which you can use for credit towards a PGC in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, or an MA in Higher Education, or to support an application forHigher Education Academy professional recognition. Collaborative partners and other guests are welcome to attend sessions.

Go to www.celt.mmu.ac.uk/festival/ to see all the events and to book.

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