10 June, the #Greenhouse goes to the seaside, join us!

11221469485_c2fb47fa2f_mHello everybody,

We hope you are all well.

This is an announcement about our next Greenhouse happening, on Friday the 10th of June.

As this will be our last Greenhouse event this academic year, we would like to make it even a little bit more special.


Some of the members decided that it would be a good idea to organise an excursion, something like a field trip. We thought Southport would be an appropriate destination and not too  far away. It is a beautiful seaside resort. We will get a lot of fresh air, hopefully some sun and fill out batteries with new and exciting ideas for learning and teaching.

David Leathlean will be organising a creative activity on the trip and at location to immerse us all and help us reflect and generate ideas for our own practice in preparation for the next academic year.

We will meet at Oxford Road Stration in Manchester at 9.15am.

The direct train to Southport leaves at 9.26am and we will be in Sounthport at 10.35am.

The Anytime Return Ticket costs £16.30. If you have a railcard there will be a discount. Please purchase your ticket in advance so that we are ready to get on the train when we meet. 


Southport, image source here

Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a smart device with you and a battery charger, just in case as these will come in handy for the planned activities.

We hope you will be able to join us and are really look forward to seeing you at the Oxford Road Train Station at 9am on the 10th of June.

David and Chrissi
ps. Please note, all #greenhouse happenings counts towards FLEX.
pps. We are starting to put together the #greenhouse programme for next year. Please share your ideas so that they can be included.



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