CARPE Conference in Hamburg

Carpe photo

Picture: Marjo Joshi, Mika Suuturi and Erik Hasenack get the Teacher Hub started

Alicia Prowse and Rachel Forsyth participated in the CARPE network conference in Hamburg last week. This network brings together six European universities which have agreed to collaborate in research and teaching, and Manchester Met has been a partner since 2012.

Since 2013, CELT has been involved in the development of the ‘Teacher Hub’ in the network, which aims to support academic staff who want to work with their counterparts in other institutions to develop shared teaching, joint awards, shared resources and exchanges of staff and students. The Teacher Hub held a joint simultaneous summer school for staff in June 2016 and has facilitated some small-scale projects such as the INternationalising STudent Education in Physiotherapy (INSTEP) initiative. At the conference, we ran workshops on internationalisation and staff development.

We have come back with a list of subject areas where our partners are looking for collaborations and a plan to run a short online course across the network which will help colleagues to make connections and think about accessible ways to internationalise their existing courses or introduce opportunities for staff and student mobility. The subject areas where people have suggested collaboration are:

Faculty of Business and Law: Law, Languages (particularly German), Coaching (HR), International Business, Strategy, Sustainable Management, Social Innovation, Marketing, Sales and Consultancy.

Faculty of Education: Secondary education

Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science: English language, Narratives in Art

Faculty of Science and Engineering: Materials Science and Nanotechnology

We also had interest from colleagues interested in more general topics related to teaching or research: the use of narratives and story-telling in teaching and in arts practice, coaching, learning teams, cultural differences, online learning.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.



Picture: What else would you eat for a conference lunch in Hamburg? 





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