#creativeHE is back 22-26 January! All welcome! Please share

GooglePlusLogoA warm invitation to join #creativeHE for 5 days this January! Open to all colleagues and students in HE and the wider public

We can never have enough creativity! We actually need more! Creativity will help us get through the bad times and create good times!

Participate this January from the 22nd to the 26th and explore together fresh, alternative and novel ways to transform learning, teaching and assessment into creative and diverse practice. Let’s make it a bit or a lot more stimulating! We can all do this! Just imagine how our ideas can grow and evolve when we share them and learn together!

#creativeHE is open and free to all. Jump into the Google plus community at https://plus.google.com/communities/110898703741307769041 and/or participate via our hashtag on Twitter. Most of the stuff is asynchronous so there is no excuse not to engage.

This time round Sandra Sinfield of London Metropolitan University, Chrissi Nerantzi of Manchester Metropolitan University and Prof Norman Jackson of Creative Academic are your facilitators and we are sure mentors will emerge from the community.

The plan for Monday until Friday, 22-26 Jan is:
Day 1 Creative induction, introductions: belonging
Day 2 Spicing up learning in the classroom (campus-based, blended and fully online)
Day 3 Extending creative learning outside the classroom
Day 4 Assessment and feedback that works (better)
Day 5 Reflecting on the week and moving forward.

We are of course, as always, very open to your suggestions as well and you will have the opportunity during the 5 days to really engage in what matters to you most.

Check out the Google+ community from Friday 19th January for suggestions on how to get involved and we will make further announcements via Twitter using #creativeHE.

Get Reflective
Why not use a portfolio to capture your learning during the week? You might like to create a beautiful physical journal or sketchbook – or utilise online posts, using Padlet, Pinterest, VoiceThread, WordPress – and share your reflective sketches, drawings or online posts back with us through the #creativeHE G+ community and/or Twitter using the community hashtag #creativeHE.

Each #creativeHE is freshly put together! So if you have been with us before, join us again and share your ideas, practices and dilemmas. Bring your wild imagination along! Surprise us and surprise others. Let’s make magic happen in our classroom!

See you very soon 😉

Sandra, Chrissi and Norman

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