Can you explain what helps you to become an excellent teacher?

This request has been posted to a Jiscmail list, and we thought it might be of interest to more people. Please contact the authors directly if you are interested in contributing.

“We are inviting short case studies on what enables someone to develop their teaching. This is for the second edition of Kahn & Walsh’s (now Kahn & Anderson) Developing your Teaching, and we would like to refresh the case studies. The book is part of Routledge’s popular Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education series, edited by Kate Exley.

Do you have an anecdote or incident on how you have developed your teaching that you could share? Case studies were a well-received feature of the first edition, with a high profile within the book. Contributing a case study in this way can provide greater exposure for your ideas, and your name and institutional affiliation will be included within the text.

We would like to see a focus on the processes of developing your teaching. What is it that has enabled you to demonstrate excellence in your teaching? We are looking for case studies that link to the chapter titles below. We are also interested in case studies that are co-authored with students. 

  • Case studies should be around 500 words in length, with a take away message. 
  • Your case study should be submitted to Peter or Lorraine (see below) by Friday 4th May 2018
  • You are welcome to discuss your ideas with us before putting your case study together.
  • We will be in a position to let you know by the middle of June whether your case study will be included in the book (with publication by early 2019).
  • Please feel free to share this call with your colleagues.
  1. Introduction: The Teaching Landscape
  2. Securing a Teaching Qualification
  3. The Disciplinary and Professional Dimension
  4. A Partnership with Students
  5. Engaging with Reflective Practice
  6. Shifting Collective Practice
  7. Connecting to Drivers for Change
  8. Taking a Lead in Teaching
  9. Creating Impact through Researching your Practice
  10. Claiming Teaching Excellence
  11. Career-Long Enhancement
  12. Conclusion: Stretching the Boundaries

Why not take a look at the first edition at Google Books ? 

Dr Peter Kahn, Director, Centre for Higher Education Studies, University of Liverpool

Dr Lorraine Anderson, Assistant Director Student Services & Head of the Academic Skills Centre, University of Dundee” 

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