Higher Education in Denmark – Thursday 17th May, 10-11 am – Room 3.28 The Business School


Speaker:  Kim Møller

Speaker affiliation:  University of Aalborg, Denmark

Higher Education in Denmark is significantly different from that in the UK.  It adopts a different teaching model, relying on problem-based learning rather than the traditional lecture/tutorial approach in the UK.  Students work in small groups in real businesses to solve real problems. In this way, business and academia work closely together to ensure that all learning is grounded in practice and that all learning is applicable to industry once students graduate.  The way in which students are assessed is also different to UK practice.  Student work is assessed in a three-hour verbal examination rather than the UK approach of written assignments.  

Aalborg University is at the forefront of these approaches and, indeed, the system is often known as the ‘Aalborg Model’. Kim Møller is an Assistant Professor at Aalborg University, and is coming to MMU to explain the principles behind the method, to share best practice, and to offer practical insights into how we might be able to implement some of the innovative techniques in our own programmes. 

If you would like to attend.  Please email Mark Crowder on  m.crowder@mmu.ac.uk or contact him by phone on X 3744


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