In pursuit of Quality Learning: Enhancing Learning in Virtual Environment: Tuesday 19th June @ 16.30 in room 2.02, Brooks Building

Seminar by visiting speaker, Dr Nicholas Blessing Mavengere The present environment is very dynamic characterized by factors, such as, intense technological innovation, global economy and strong competition and information overload. Learning is one of the ever-required virtues in this continuously changing environment. So rapid development of technologies is both a push factor in learning requirements and a vehicle to advance the learning process. In addition, the global nature of the environment today calls for virtual learning because of convenience, time and cost factors. The seminar seeks to highlight measures to promote virtual learning experience in higher education. This is drawn from the results of a study which included review of pedagogical techniques and technological tools that fit the learners’ and study content requirements to foster learning in a virtual environment. Dr. Nicholas Blessing Mavengere is researcher (post-doctoral) at University of Tampere in Finland. His research completed in 2013, was selected best PhD at a top European conference and received a university award. He has broad technology related research interests including technology application in higher education, strategic agility in business, ICT4D and information systems. He has published in journals, such as, Journal of Education and Technologies, Journal of Information Technology Cases & Applications Research, Electronic Journal for IS evaluation, International Journal of Agile Systems and Management. He has been associate editor at the World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE) 2017 and 2016 IFIP TC3 joint conference, focusing on the topic of Stakeholders and Information Technology in Education. He has reviewed for several journals and conferences.  If you are interested in attending this seminar please click on the link provided below:-

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