Join #FOS201 in June, all staff and students very welcome!

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We have some exciting news. FOS, is back! The open cross-institutional course for professionals in Higher Education and Further Education who teach or support learning and students who are interested in learning with others  from around the world about flexible, open and social learning together.

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The areas we would like to explore together are:

  • Digital literacies
  • Flexible pedagogies
  • Supporting learning
  • Communities and collaboration
  • Open education

The first three days will have a focus on getting to know each other and find out a little bit more about the course. And we are preparing a surprise for our very first day, the 5th. Watch this space. Then on Monday – Friday we will focus on the above areas of interest. The following weekend will be an opportunity to consolidate what we have learnt and see what we would like to take forward and how.

In #FOS201 you will

  • be supported by distributed volunteer facilitators
  • have the opportunity to engage in inquiry-based activities
  • select what you would like to do, how, when (and with whom)
  • and if you wish, be part of a community to learn with and from each other…
  • and of course, experiment with and experience new approaches and consider some of these for your own practice.

You can do as much or as little as you wish in any order. You may even just focus on one of the above for the main part of the course. Whatever is useful for you.

This brand new iteration will be offered over 10 days. We start on Friday the 5th of June and will finish the facilitated version on Sunday the 14th of June. Learning, of course, can continue and often does.

This iteration is an open cross-institutional collaboration with volunteer facilitators from institutions across the North West of England. Together, we will support you and each other in debating and experimenting with alternative approaches to learning especially now. We hope this will help us all to re- and un-think our practices to solve the issues we currently face in flexible, creative and collaborative ways.

 Collaboration and cooperation are more important than ever. We hope you will embrace this development opportunity and join us. Everybody is welcome. Staff teaching or supporting learning at a higher education institution and students in the NW, anywhere else in the UK or further afield. Colleagues and students from the wider education sector may also find this useful. You are all welcome. The more diverse  our learning community becomes the better!

FOS is an openly licensed course developed through recycling and building on existing OER course and particularly FDOL developed by Chrissi Nerantzi and Lars Uhlin (see full attribution on the right-hand side). We are using an inquiry-based approach that can work for individual and collaborative learning, online and offline.

If you work at MMU, you will also be able to use your FOS work towards up to 30 FLEX credits at Postgraduate Level of the PgCert in LTHE or HE but also the MA in HE. Get in touch if you would like to find out more regarding this. Other institutions may offer similar opportunities through their internal staff development programmes.

The #FOS201 community space where our discussions will take place will be announced closer to the beginning of the course.

We hope you will join us in this exciting 10-day adventure, to share experiences, ideas, participate in (some of) the activities and learn with and from each other. You will have the opportunity to meet like- and other-minded individuals who all care about learning and teaching and will bring diverse ideas to our conversations. Be open to new possibilities, learning explorations and experimentations. Challenge, be challenged and have fun too!

We will share regular course updates on Twitter using @fos4l and the course hashtag  #FOS201.

We are really looking forward to learning together and will be back again nearer the start of the course with more information.

Please share this open invitation with anybody you feel may be interested, staff, students and the wider public.

Sean, Paul, Peter, Alex, Tünde, Emma, Hassan, Dawn, Craig, Paul, Neil and Chrissi

The #FOS201 team

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