Audiovisual material in teaching – ESD-

You are warmly invited to attend the next Sustainability in the Curriculum meeting  (Manchester Met in collaboration with UoM)


Wednesday, 22nd June,  2 to 4pm Manchester Metropolitan University, John Dalton Building, Room JD E419



We will be exploring with Dr Vitalia Kinakh (School of Dentistry)  how audiovisual material (video clips, films and images) can be used to present/engage students with sustainability issues. Dr Kinakh will  discuss how she  is using audio visual materials to present sustainability related issues  in dentistry.

You are invited to ‘bring’ to this meeting any audiovisual materials you (staff and students)  use for the purpose of engaging others with sustainability issues. These will form a part of our explorations.


Discussion questions may include the following (alongside any questions/related topics that you would like to discuss in relation to this topic):

  •       Do educators from different faculties/schools make use of audiovisual resources in their teaching to illustrate issues of sustainability?
  •       Does the use of audiovisual resources help students to make emotional connection to sustainability?
  •    Who should be responsible for selecting audiovisual resources for use in lectures/ seminars?


Hope to see you there. All welcome, staff and students


Creativity for Learning unit and open learning ecology starting in January

Creativity for Learning - web banner

The brand new unit Creativity for Learning part of the PgCert and the MA in Academic Practice (also available as a stand-alone CPD unit) will be offered for the very first time in January 2015. This is an excellent opportunity to explore and experiment with more novel pedagogical approaches, theories and practices, fully tailored to your professional needs and aspirations. You will be able to discuss creativity for higher education learning and teaching with colleagues from across the university, reflect on your current practice and identify opportunities to become more creative and adventurous in your  teaching to create stimulating learning experiences for and with your students.

We have joined up with Prof. Norman Jackson who has done extensive work in this area. See also the Creative Academic site at

The unit is also available as an open learning ecology (see and signalises the start of the longitudinal and multi-institutional research project ‘Creative Academics‘ in which we are exploring conceptions of personal creativity and how they change through purposeful professional development.

Warning! A wide open mind is needed!

To find out more about the Creativity for Learning unit and to register, please access

If you have any questions linked to this unit or the open learning ecology, please get in touch with Chrissi at