Confessions of a Newtt*

We share here a story of a new member of staff who approached a colleague from CELT to be mentored. Updates on the relationship and how this is shaping practice will follow throughout the year.

If you would consider support in the form of coaching and/or mentoring to develop your  teaching further, please get in touch with colleagues in CELT. We are all very happy to discuss opportunities and help you!

“I’m new to MMU, I’m new to the big, wide, wonderful world of academia and I’m determined to be a Newtt – i.e. a new educator who tests n’ tweaks to optimise the user experience.

Now, that may be the language of someone who specialises in digital human behaviour but it’s an ethos that’s fuelled my industry career these past 20 years. Plus, it’s something I pretty much live and die by. So when I joined MMU as a senior lecturer in July this year, one of the first things I wrote on my ‘to do list’ was to seek out a like-minded and experienced mentor. Luckily, earlier in the year I’d completed CELT’s TALENT unit, which introduced me to the effervescent Dr Chrissi Nerantzi.

An email introduction and a Skype call later, Chrissi had agreed to be my mentor and we’ve got off to a flying start. She provides a wealth of perspective on both a practical and pedagogical basis and encourages me to explore and develop ideas. At this stage of my new academic career, it’s inspiring and comforting to know she’s in my corner. I’m already putting suggestions into practice, which is building my confidence as a new lecturer and helping to provide students with a practical learning experience. Let’s hope the mid-term survey feedback is reflected in those ISS scores!”

*New educator who tests n’ tweaks