#creativeHE No 4 >>> 1-7 July exploring creative ecologies

GooglePlusLogoYes, #creativeHE is back! For the 4th time. 

Join us at 

for a week to explore together

creative ecologies.

We start on the 1st of July and will be together for 7 whole days. Prof. Norman Jackson and many colleagues from different institutions in the UK and elsewhere will join us on this fascinating journey. Join the #creativeHE community and find out more about this great opportunity to connect, collaborate and learn within a diverse community.

We hope this event will be of interest and value to you and that you will enjoy the experience.

The #creativeHE team

Imagineering in higher education begins SUNDAY APRIL 17TH #creativeHE

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One of the aims of the annual World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21) is to encourage people to use their imaginations to solve problems that are relevant to their work. To celebrate WCIW and show that higher education is involved in the problem of creating a more creative society, #creativeHE is offering a social learning event in collaboration with ‘Creative Academic’.

Imagineering involves using imagination to create ideas and invent possible ways in which these ideas might be implemented. The context for this imagineering event is the enhancement of students’ and teachers’ creativity and creative development in higher education.

This social learning and sharing experience is open to anyone who would like to use and share their imaginations. While the main focus is on higher education you don’t have to work in higher education to participate. The process is being supported by a team of facilitators – Chrissi, (Founder #creativeHE) Norman, (Fonder Creative Academic), Jenny, Nikos, Rafaela, Roger, Sandra and Sue.

Each day will begin with an image, animation or video clip which will be posted at 7am on the #creativeHE platform, together with an invitation to share your ideas, feelings and experiences in response to this stimulus.

What does being creative mean in your own practice contexts?
Where do good ideas come from?
Thinking like a designer?
Learning from the experience of a creative professional?
Techniques for encouraging creativity in higher education?

CO-CREATING MEANING: Social learning is about creating and co-creating new meaning. On the final day of this event we would like you to create a digital artefact to represent something important that you have learnt through this process. Your creation can take any form and be in any medium for example blog posts, illustration, animation, story, poem, something physical or virtual that you have made or anything else conjured up by your imagination.

Everyone who completes this task is entitled to the #creativeHE imagineering digital badge awarded by Creative Academic.

CURATION: At the end of the process ‘highlights and insights’ from the conversation will be published in a special edition of Creative Academic Magazine (CAM4B).

We hope this event will be of interest and value to you and that you will enjoy the experience.

The #creativeHE team

Join #creativeHE during #openeducationwk 7-11 March!!!

Creativity for Learning - web banner

Hello everybody,

We are back!!! And we are very excited!!!

The distributed facilitation team of #creativeHE decided to offer a mini version of #creativeHE during Open Education Week.

oew2016-badge-smallIt is an interesting change for us as we offered the last two times over a much longer period (the last one was offered over 8 weeks). We won’t try to cram everything into 5 days. So, please don’t worry. Our approach will be, less is more 😉 and our focus is on the interactions we can generate and what we can learn through these.

All you need to do is access the Google + community and start participating. No registration is required and everything is wide open. 

If you work at MMU, you will be able to use your #creativeHE work towards FLEX credits as part of the PgCert or the MA in Higher Education. Please note additional work at Level 7 will be required for this.

Warning! A wide open mind is needed as well as generous commitment to get the maximum out of it. If you have sorted this out, please join us at 


On Twitter we will be using the hashtag #creativeHE > Feel free to say hello there as well.

We really look forward to learning together soon,

Chrissi Nerantzi (Manchester Metropolitan University), Sandra Sinfield (London Metropolitan University), Sue Watling (University of Hull), Dr Nikos Fachantidis (University of Macedonia) and Prof. Norman Jackson (Creative Academic Lifewide Education)

Getting ready to welcome cohort 3 of #creativeHE > Will you join us? #flexcpd

Creativity for Learning - web banner

The unit Creativity for Learning part of the PgCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education/Higher Education and the MA in Higher Education (also available as a stand-alone CPD unit) will be offered for the third time time starting on the 21st of January 2016 and over two terms.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore and experiment with novel pedagogical approaches, theories and practices, fully tailored to your professional needs and aspirations. You will be able to discuss creativity for higher education learning and teaching with colleagues from across the university but also further afield, reflect on your current practice and identify opportunities to become more creative and adventurous in your teaching to create stimulating learning experiences for and with your students.

A review of the first iteration can be accessed below where you will also see some of the achievements of our colleagues. We have rich evidence that the unit has made a real difference to practitioners and their practice. Many have used the unit to experiment with innovative teaching approaches and as a stepping stone into pedagogical research. Their work has been  disseminated internally and externally through conference contributions and publications and we are very proud of their development and achievements and we are really proud with what they all have achieved.

Check out our visual memories from #creativeHE cohort 1, #creativeHE cohort 2

Here is what Carol Maynard, the external examiner said about this unit: “This is an innovative module that encourages participants to work innovatively (and creatively!) with rigorous attention to scholarship too. Feedback to participants is exemplary with a separate section identified for areas for further/future development. This includes feed forward guidance and also recommendations for publication/further research. This must be motivating for the participants.”


another opportunity to get involved!

The Creativity for Learning unit is also available as an open course. This time round, we will be offering #creativeHE as a block during the Open Education Week, 7-11 March 2016, in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions and countries. More information regarding this will be added here nearer to the time. 

You are also very welcome to join this course, face-to-face and/or online as informal CPD without working for credits or use all or part of it for FLEX.

Warning! A wide open mind is needed as well as generous commitment to get the maximum out of it. 

To find out more, access and register early at http://www.celt.mmu.ac.uk/cpd/accredited/unit_details.php?unit_id=93

If you have any questions linked to this unit or the open course, please get in touch with Chrissi at c.nerantzi @ mmu.ac.uk without the spaces.