The 12 Apps of Christmas are back! #12AoC @12AoC @mmulibrary Join us this festive season

Are you interested in exploring which free mobile apps could help you in your teaching or supporting your students? Have you ever thought about taking part in an open course but were worried it would take too much of your time? Would you like to take part in a fun, free, practical online course this December?

Then the 12 Apps of Christmas could be for you!

Watch a short intro here

Last year, hundreds of educators and librarians around the world took part in a new open course hosted by Regent’s University London – the 12 Apps of Christmas.  In just a few minutes a day, they learned about and tried out a range of free mobile apps with potential classroom use, built a community of practice, and had fun doing so.

The course was a success, winning the Credo Digital Information Literacy Award and inspiring people to run versions at other institutions.

Now, the original is back – better than ever! From 1st to 16th December this year, we will be presenting Christmas 2.0 and MMU is taking part in this festive adventure.

There are two specific 12 Apps for Christmas opportunities for all staff and students at MMU brought to you by Regent’s University London in collaboration with CELT and the MMU Library, we would like to bring to your attention:

  1. The open course 12 Apps for Christmas 2015 led by Regent’s University which will offer a completely new range of carefully selected apps, while keeping to the same simple, entertaining formula which made it so successful last year. Expect guest posts, engaging hands-on activities, and a chance to be part of a friendly, enquiring community of educators worldwide supported by a small group of facilitators from different institutions, including colleagues from CELT MMU. And for those of you who took part last year – just in case you are wondering… the Christmas cracker jokes will be back… To enrol on the 12 Apps of Christmas 2015 course, click here
  2. To discover a different 12 Apps in a bite-sized way follow MMU Library’s 12 Apps of Christmas. Every day, the Library will be revealing an App that you may find useful for work, study, group work or just for fun. To follow just visit or any of the library social media accounts (@mmulibrary for example). Please note, no registration is required to access or engage in these activities.

CELT (@mmu_celt) will be supporting together with colleagues from other institutions the open course 12 Apps for Christmas led by Regent’s University and join in with the MMU Library’s 12 Apps for Christmas via Twitter.

We will all come together via Twitter using the hashtag #12AoC. You can also follow the Twitter account @12AoC. Please join us there so that we can share our experiences, ideas and learn together within a distributed community.

See you soon to celebrate learning together during this festive season,

Chris Rowell @chrisrowell, Regent’s University London, #RUL12AoC organiser & lead facilitator together with further colleagues from RUL
Eric Stoller @ericstoller, Education consultant & speaker
Sue Beckingham @suebecks, Sheffield Hallam University, facilitator
Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi, Manchester Metropolitan University, facilitator

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