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Exploring the Idea of Personal Pedagogies #creativeHE conversation 27-31 March 2017

All higher education teachers are unique: in their formation and development as a teacher each has followed a different pathway involving different experiences and influences. The way they think about learning and teaching (pedagogical thinking) has been derived from many sources and in this conversation we want to explore, through the multiple perspectives of  participants, what a ‘personal pedagogy’ might mean.
Over 5 days participants will be encouraged to reflect on their formation as a teacher and how they came to hold the knowledge, beliefs, interests and values they now hold as a teacher and how this pedagogical thinking influences their practices. The pedagogical narratives we share will help test, develop and give meaning to the idea of a personal pedagogy.
You can join the #creativeHE conversation at: https://plus.google.com/communities/110898703741307769041
The conversation which begins at 08.00(UK) on March 27, is our contribution to
World Open Education Week https://www.openeducationweek.org/
Prof. Norman Jackson and the #creativeHE team

Pedagogic innovators project (#pin) now live > join us

pin_newOpen invitation

Participate in the Pedagogic Innovators study or short #pin.

This study will investigate

1) The beliefs, attitudes and values of higher education teachers as pedagogic innovators.

2) Conceptions of pedagogic innovation in the context of their practice, their curricular design and students’ development.

3) Enabling and prohibiting factors of becoming pedagogic innovators for academics and other professionals who teach or support learning in HE

Check out the survey at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdHLaXOs4xW55hFktGCu225x3LvcR_e-KcHQWaKGTWYIxBwYQ/viewform for information regarding this project, to provide your consent after reading the related documentation  carefully and to complete the #pin survey.

The project is supported by Barbara Thomas, HE Consultant and Prof. Norman Jackson, founder of the Creative Academic Network.

Since April 2017, we have started an informal collaborating with HEFCE (Dr Helen King and the Catalyst projects) and City University of London. Please let us know if you want your institution involved and we will add it to the survey, so that you can get institution specific data. A summary of a recent #pin workshop can be found here.

Outputs from this study will be openly licensed and shared with the wider academic community so that we can all benefit.

Please share this invitation with further colleagues teaching in higher education who might also be interested. Thank you very much.

Chrissi (Nerantzi) on behalf of the research team
National Teaching Fellow

#greenhouse with Dr Helena Kettleborough > 23 Nov at 12pm! Join us to discuss Action Research

11221469485_c2fb47fa2f_mDear Gardeners and Greenhouse friends,

We hope you are well and keeping warm. Our next Greenhouse gathering is on the 23rd of November at 12pm in SB G07. We hope you can join us at 12pm.




Dr Helena Kettleborough, Associate Lecturer (Department of Management) is the Greenhouse gardener of the month. This is how Helena introduces her gathering:

Jump into winter

As the nights draw in and the majestic skies of winter open before us, come and explore participative action research:

Living life as inquiry: what is happening to the animals?

Explore extended ways of knowing as a response to ‘wicked challenges’.

Co-operative learning between students and lecturers? Our way into hopeful futures? Mini second person action research inquiry

“College students should feel that they are participating in one of the most significant ventures ever to take place in the entire history of the planet.” (Thomas Berry, “The American College in the Ecological Age,” in The Dream of the Earth, 1988: 97).

“…it is the time for universities to rethink themselves and what they are doing.” (Thomas Berry, “The University,” in The Great Work, 199:85).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Helena and Chrissi
ps. If you would like to facilitate a Greenhouse gathering this year, please get in touch with Chrissi at c.nerantzi @ mmu . ac . uk (without the spaces)


#creativeHE No 4 >>> 1-7 July exploring creative ecologies

GooglePlusLogoYes, #creativeHE is back! For the 4th time. 

Join us at 

for a week to explore together

creative ecologies.

We start on the 1st of July and will be together for 7 whole days. Prof. Norman Jackson and many colleagues from different institutions in the UK and elsewhere will join us on this fascinating journey. Join the #creativeHE community and find out more about this great opportunity to connect, collaborate and learn within a diverse community.

We hope this event will be of interest and value to you and that you will enjoy the experience.

The #creativeHE team

10 June, the #Greenhouse goes to the seaside, join us!

11221469485_c2fb47fa2f_mHello everybody,

We hope you are all well.

This is an announcement about our next Greenhouse happening, on Friday the 10th of June.

As this will be our last Greenhouse event this academic year, we would like to make it even a little bit more special.


Some of the members decided that it would be a good idea to organise an excursion, something like a field trip. We thought Southport would be an appropriate destination and not too  far away. It is a beautiful seaside resort. We will get a lot of fresh air, hopefully some sun and fill out batteries with new and exciting ideas for learning and teaching.

David Leathlean will be organising a creative activity on the trip and at location to immerse us all and help us reflect and generate ideas for our own practice in preparation for the next academic year.

We will meet at Oxford Road Stration in Manchester at 9.15am.

The direct train to Southport leaves at 9.26am and we will be in Sounthport at 10.35am.

The Anytime Return Ticket costs £16.30. If you have a railcard there will be a discount. Please purchase your ticket in advance so that we are ready to get on the train when we meet. 


Southport, image source here

Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a smart device with you and a battery charger, just in case as these will come in handy for the planned activities.

We hope you will be able to join us and are really look forward to seeing you at the Oxford Road Train Station at 9am on the 10th of June.

David and Chrissi
ps. Please note, all #greenhouse happenings counts towards FLEX.
pps. We are starting to put together the #greenhouse programme for next year. Please share your ideas so that they can be included.



Stuart’s @stuartbennett92 story so far #wheelsapp


Stuart Bennett in action

“Three months ago, I was hired for a cross-platform mobile app development internship with the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching team at Manchester Metropolitan University. I had no mobile app development experience, only some knowledge of programming, UX-design and UI-design from the Computer Games Technology course I graduated from last year.

My project is to help design a mobile application for personal and professional development (#wheelsapp) using my knowledge of existing app design fundamentals. The idea for the app came from Chrissi Nerantzi, a member of CELT. We have met many times to define the requirements of the app and develop interface designs that we felt were both suitable and simply heuristic.

The app itself is a tool that will allow users to rate, review and compare attributes of a subject the user decides. The inputted data is visualized for simplified readability, also allowing easy data-set comparison. The name of the app is called Wheels and the name comes from circle radar-diagrams looking like wheels with a ‘spoke’ for each attribute.

Between meetings with Chrissi, I have been practising app development by making small apps that would soon become a library of resources I could review when the time came to start development on the app.

To develop the app I am using Apache Cordova, an open-source mobile development framework. Cordova allows me to create cross-platform apps using standard web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AngularJS.

At the beginning of the internship when I was handed this project I was daunted by the task, I had little experience of app development, no experience with the technologies I am using and the project itself seemed just gargantuan. The most valuable thing I think I will take away from this experience, excluding the technological skills I’m developing, is breaking things down. Turning projects into chapters, chapters into tasks, tasks into sub-tasks, sub-tasks into individual components, components into small checklists.

Previously, I had been told before that breaking things down helps turn overwhelming situations into manageable ones but I didn’t grasp that I could break things down so far, until the experience of doing it myself for this project.

Now approaching the halfway point of my internship, I feel confident about developing the app, the road ahead is well planned and the tasks are laid bare. Before September, I hope to find a role where I can continue the development of my new-found skills.

#Greenhouse 26 May 1pm with @davidcroberts @lgreene68

11221469485_c2fb47fa2f_mHello everybody,

We hope you are all well. This is an announcement about our next Greenhouse happening, on Thrusday the 26th of May at 1pm in the Brooks Building, Room G87.

We are delighted that David Roberts and Leah Greene will be with us to explore Stress in the context of Learning and Teaching.

This will be an interactive session where we will explore stress from physiological, genetic and emotional perspectives. We will demonstrate the effects of chronic (long-term) stress on the human body and investigate methods to reduce work-related stress. Please bring along ideas and suggestions that you use to reduce stress that you would like to share.


We really look forward to seeing you there.

David and Leah
ps. Please note, all #greenhouse happenings counts towards FLEX.

pps. The Greenhouse successes recently in ManMetLife.