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pin_newOpen invitation

Participate in the Pedagogic Innovators study or short #pin.

This study will investigate

1) The beliefs, attitudes and values of higher education teachers as pedagogic innovators.

2) Conceptions of pedagogic innovation in the context of their practice, their curricular design and students’ development.

3) Enabling and prohibiting factors of becoming pedagogic innovators for academics and other professionals who teach or support learning in HE

Check out the survey at for information regarding this project, to provide your consent after reading the related documentation  carefully and to complete the #pin survey.

The project is supported by Barbara Thomas, HE Consultant and Prof. Norman Jackson, founder of the Creative Academic Network.

Since April 2017, we have started an informal collaborating with HEFCE (Dr Helen King and the Catalyst projects) and City University of London. Please let us know if you want your institution involved and we will add it to the survey, so that you can get institution specific data. A summary of a recent #pin workshop can be found here.

Outputs from this study will be openly licensed and shared with the wider academic community so that we can all benefit.

Please share this invitation with further colleagues teaching in higher education who might also be interested. Thank you very much.

Chrissi (Nerantzi) on behalf of the research team
National Teaching Fellow